Nutrition For Athletes

Nutrition For Athletes

Athletes need proper nutrition. Exercise without the proper nutrition leaves you feeling tired, worn-out, and discouraged. Don’t waste that hard workout by eating the wrong foods. Eat for strength, speed, and endurance. Feed your body what it needs to capitalize on those hard workouts.
Science has made it loud and clear that eating the right nutrition is just as important as how you exercise. Both are necessary for top performance. Learn how to eat before, during, and after exercise to start protein synthesis, gain energy, and delay fatigue.


Pre-Workout Meal

Knowing the right balance of protein, carbs, and fats before a workout will help set the tempo. Don’t get caught with gastric pain or depleted energy. Learn the guidelines to a great pre-workout meal. Read More…

Nutrition During Exercise

Endurance sports demand that you fuel during workouts. But how much water do you need? How many carbs should I consume during extended exercise? Read More…

Nutrition After Exercise

Perhaps the most important time to eat proper nutrition for athletes is after exercise. This is when your body is depleted of nutrients and hungry for nourishment. Find out the ideal ratio of carbs/protein to stimulate protein synthesis. Read More…

How To Carb Load

Endurance athletes battle a war of carbohydrate depletion and restoration. How much carbs can you safely consume during long workouts without creating abdominal distress? Read More…

Glycemic Index

Learning about the glycemic index of foods can help you perform better and ultimately live a healthier life. Understanding the glycemic index is the key to your body’s energy system and is linked to performance. Read More…

Good Sources Of Protein

Americans consume enough protein on average, but there’s a big difference between good and bad sources of protein. Learn the difference and give your body the building blocks to compete on a higher level with good food choices. Read More…

Antioxidant Foods

Exercise increases the oxidation of your cells. Only antioxidants can reverse this damage and prevent the accelerated aging process known as oxidation. Learn what foods are high in antioxidants and incorporate them into your life. Read More…

Antioxidant Supplements

Getting the ideal nutrition for athletes is near impossible. The best way to ensure that you are getting high doses of antioxidant every day is with daily vitamin supplements. Seek out pharmaceutical grade vitamins for insurance against the aging process of oxidation. Read More…


Supplements For Athletes

The Klean Athlete product line from Douglas Labs provides a solid nutrient foundation, including the vitamins, minerals and nutrients the body needs to perform at its best. Klean Athlete products fuel and fortify any athlete’s ability to optimize performance despite life’s daily stresses and promote an athlete’s overall health and wellness at any age, intensity or experience level.

Enhance Your Workouts With Pharmaceutical Grade

Vitamin Supplements For Athletes


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