Mushrooms have been used for medicinal purposes for centuries. Most notably for their anti-inflammatory and immune boosting qualities. Nutritionally speaking mushrooms are high in protein, low in fat, carbs, and calories. They are a great meat substitute if you’re watching your cholesterol and have weight loss capabilities. Recent studies reveal the untapped power of the anti-inflammatory properties of common button mushrooms. This includes a reduction in asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, and certain kinds of cancer. Ancient medicine has always pointed to our food as the first line of defense to common disease and now science is agreeable. Mushrooms are beneficial for our health and contribute to our longevity.


Proven Benefits


    • Improved Immune Function
    • Cancer Prevention
    • High Protein
    • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Vitamin D

Immune System– Mushrooms contain long chain polysaccharides which are responsible for the mushrooms’ beneficial effect on the immune system. Studies show an increased resistance to salmonella from ingesting mushrooms.

Cancer Prevention– Mushrooms contain Cordyceps which is a known to reduce tumors. Scientists at the University of Nottingham have identified cordyceps and lectins found in mushrooms as a potential cancer drug. Especially when traditional medicines are ineffective.

High Protein– A single serving of portabella mushrooms has 5 grams of protein with almost no fat and minimal carbs. They are a perfect addition to any meal and can help lower cholesterol and triglycerides if substituted for meat.

Anti-Inflammatory– Ancient medicine has always included mushrooms as an anti-inflammatory. Recent studies show that common button mushrooms block production of pro-inflammatory molecules. This process reduces inflammation and keeps your immune system functioning properly.

Vitamin D– Most nutritionists agree that most people do not get enough Vitamin D in their diet. Sometimes called the “Sunshine Vitamin” it affects our mood and well-being. Mushrooms have a high amount of Vitamin D and also a spectrum of B vitamins.

Did You know?



Mushrooms are like sponges. They absorb anything they come in contact with during the growing process. This includes the air they are exposed to and the substrate they are grown in. Non-organic mushrooms can have high concentrations of pesticides and should be avoided if possible. Buying organic is always a good choice with fruits and vegetables but some are more important than others. So buy organic mushrooms if you can, and try to avoid any discolored or slimy ones. Fresh looking and firm buttons are the most nutritious and it’s always good to store them in their original container if possible. If buying loose mushrooms cover with plastic and poke several holes in the top to avoid too much moisture.




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