Immune System Vitamins

Immune system vitamins feed a complex auto-immune system that requires a balance of proper supplementation to work properly. The immune system protects the body against infections. It prevents the growth of tumor cells, bacteria, parasites, fungus, and countless virus’s. The immune system needs specific nutrients to perform correctly. Unfortunately, it’s very hard to properly supply our body with all that it needs from a typical American diet. There are specific vitamins designed to boost the immune system and there are some multi-vitamins that supply a more rounded approach. Here are some of the leading pharmaceutical grade vitamins recommended for a healthy immune system.



Immunity provides powerful immune-supportive ingredients such as the well-tolerated and absorbed Ester-C®, Vitamin D3, zinc, and a special proprietary blend of phytonutrients. This formula, designed by Dr. Julie Chen, is to be taken at the very first sign of wanting increased immune support. Full Data Sheet

Immune-Plus by Douglas Laboratories is a balanced dietary supplement providing vitamins, minerals, raw gland concentrates, and other nutrients for immune support.  Full Data Sheet

Super Immune Space Sprinkles, provided by Douglas Laboratories and formulated by Dr. James L. Wilson, is a specially formulated blend of several probiotics in a naturally sweet base that changes color when sprinkled on food, designed specifically for children. Full Data Sheet

Vita-Kids Immune System Vitamins, supplied by Douglas Laboratories, provides a synergistic combination of herbs, vitamins and minerals designed to support immune health in a great tasting natural grape flavored liquid. Full Data Sheet



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