High Fiber Foods

High Fiber Foods

High fiber foods are scientifically proven to reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes. They are naturally filling and high in antioxidants. Unfortunately, Americans eat only a fraction of the recommended daily fiber, and put themselves at risk. High fiber foods are whole foods like grains, fruits, and vegetables. A diet rich in fiber protects the body from many types of cancer. Toxins build up in your body producing free radicals which destroy healthy cells within the body. Fiber binds with the toxins and scrubs the body clean of harmful chemicals.


What Is Fiber?

Fiber is actually a carbohydrate that cannot be digested. It comes from the cell walls of plants. High fiber foods lower cholesterol and slow down the rise in blood sugar. There are two kinds of fiber. Both play an important role in cellular health and protecting you from diseases.

  • Soluble fiber dissolves in water to form a gel. This slows down digestion and keeps you feeling fuller longer. It helps control weight regulate blood sugar.
  • Insoluble fiber adds bulk to your diet preventing constipation. It also helps eliminate waste from your gut and detoxify your G.I. tract.
      • Fiber slows digestion (protecting against Type II Diabetes)
      • It regulates bowel movements. (detoxify intestine)
      • It keep you feeling “fuller longer”. (Reducing calorie intake)
      • High Fiber Foods and weight loss go hand in hand.
      • Fiber protect against cancer, gall stones, kidney stones, and diverticulitis.


List Of High Fiber Foods


Bran Cereal

Corn Bran (22g)
Fiber One Bran Cereal (14g)
Wheat Bran (12g)
Oat Bran (12g)


Navy Beans (19g)
Lentils (16g)
Lima Beans (14g)
Garbanzo Beans (12g)

Whole Grains

Bulgur (8g)
Rye Flour (7g)
Barley (6g)
Rye wafers (6g)



ELderberries (10g)
Raspberries (8g)
Blackberries (8g)
Boysenberries (7g)


Split Peas (16g)
Green Peas (14g)
Cow Peas (11g)
Pigeon Peas (9g)


Brussels Sprouts (6g)
Turnip Greens (5g)
Mustard Greens (5g)
Collard Greens (5g)



Pinon Nuts (12g)
Flaxseed (8g)
Sesame Seeds (4g)
Almonds (4g)


Acorn Squash (9g)
Hubbard Squash (7g)
Summer Scallop Squash (5g)
Zucchini Squash (3g)


Guava (9g)
Avocado (9g)
Edamame (6g)
Pear (6g)



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