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Daily vitamin supplements are a necessity. It’s almost impossible to get optimal nutrition from food alone due to the decreasing food quality. But “What vitamins should I take?”.

Douglas Labs has produced pharmaceutical grade vitamins for over 50 years. Their supplements have been developed specifically for healthcare professionals.(Recommended by doctors) Therefore, they use only the finest raw materials, and manufacture under the strictest of guidelines. Their ISO 9001 certified quality is recognized by healthcare professionals and their patients around the world. Douglas Laboratories prides itself in “Quality You Can Trust”.

Highest Quality

Douglas Labs

They proudly display, EU GMP certification, ISO 9001 certification, and ISO 17025 accreditation of their in-house laboratories. These quality standards mean that Douglas Laboratories is compliant with one of the highest and most recognized standards of quality in the world. Their world-class manufacturing facilities comply with Federal and other worldwide regulatory bodies: FDA Audit Compliant, Health Canada, and European Union GMP Certified.

Several of their daily vitamin supplements have been featured in the “Nutrisearch Comparative Guide To Nutritional Supplements”. They were awarded with the 5 star standard which is the highest honor in the comparative guide. If health is important to you and you’re wondering “What vitamins should I take?”, then you should consider Douglas Labs.


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