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The Best Multi-Vitamin on the market is Douglas Lab’s Ultra Preventive X. I have compared ingredients with several popular brands, and there is no comparison. If you’re tired of wasting your money and you want to treat your body to optimum cellular health, then you’ve come to the right place. Preventive medicine is the way of future health care. Don’t wait until you get sick! Science has proven the healthy benefits of taking vitamins. It’s worth the time and money to find the best multi vitamin. Full Data Sheet in pdf

Scientific evidence concludes that everyone should take a multi-vitamin, but what is the best multi vitamin? Unfortunately, the vitamin industry is not regulated. The majority of supplement companies produce low-quality vitamins that fall short of preventive health. In fact, many vitamins are not even bioavailable. They never get absorbed by the body. They are a complete waste of money, and a disservice to your health and wallet.

Why It’s The Best




Allow me to introduce you to the authority on vitamins. It’s called the Nutrisearch Comparative Guide To Nutritional Supplements. Nutrisearch is a company that studies nutritional supplements and rates over 1500 U.S. and Canadian products. They use a panel of 12 physicians to scrutinize the quality and completeness of vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements using 18 different criteria. It is by far the most comprehensive authority of nutritional supplements to date.

They rate products with a 1-5 star rating. Only 2% of all vitamins are rated 5 stars. The majority are given 2 stars or less. Ultra Preventive X has been awarded the 5 star rating, but it does not stop there. It also contains the nutritional equivalent of 4-5 servings of organic fruits and vegetables as well. The search for the best multi-vitamin has ended!

Unsurpassed Quality

  • Douglas Laboratories’ manufacturing facilities have received registration from NSF International GMPs (current Good Manufacturing Practices) for dietary supplements in accordance with USP/AOAC.
  • ISO 9001 Certification and ISO 17025 Accreditation of our on site analytical laboratories.
  • These standards mean that Douglas Laboratories is compliant with one of the highest and most recognized standards of quality in the world. When comparing supplement suppliers, ask them for verification of their laboratories’ ISO certification.
  • Optimum amounts of pharmaceutical grade vitamins and minerals
  • ORAC equivalent of 4-5 servings of organic fruits and vegetables

Some argue that whole food supplements are better for you than vitamins alone.

Ultra Preventive X is both!



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